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Siva is an Open-Source application layer for  ONDC Beckn Protocol

Connect to Siva and rest assured, your application is ONDC compliant.

3000 BCE

Commerce 0.0

Brand, Trade - Indus Valley Civilization


Commerce 1.0

Industrial Revolution - Europe

1979 AD

Commerce 2.0

Online shopping - Michael Aldrich

2020 AD

Commerce 3.0

Democratization, ONDC - India

Siva Standard Model


Siva is a full stack open-source application layer on top of the Open Network Platform.
Siva uses cutting-edge technologies like Golang, which attempts to reclaim the memory occupied by other objects no longer needed. We have prepared an event-driven architecture on Kafka, a distributed system that can scale quickly and easily without downtime. Apache Kafka can handle many terabytes of data without incurring much at all in the way of overhead.
In terms of applications, Siva comes preloaded with fully customizable features like Marketing Automation, Pricing, cataloging, demand and supply forecasting, procurement, third-party connectors, warehouse, inventory, etc.

Siva is a universal open-source platform for commerce and supply chain. With its Platform-as-a-Service and integration-Platform-as-a-service capabilities, Siva is a truly interoperable solution, with more than 100 ready-made solutions at the door.

About Siva

Siva works by centralizing your product data, customers, and operational tasks in one system that connects to all of your sales channels seamlessly. Once the essentials are in place, Siva makes it easy to explore and expand into new product lines and sales channels.
Here’s a step-by-step look at how Siva works from initial set-up to managing sales.
As User:
1. Sign Up for Free on Siva
2. Connect Your Sales Channels
3. Enter Your Product Data
4. Set Up Your Warehouse & Sourcing workflows
5. Set Up Shipping and Taxes
6. Set Up Your Global Commerce workflow required for order and shipping processing
7. Process, Ship, and Track Orders
As Developer:
Siva is an open-source platform helping members to create lower-cost, more successful Commerce solutions faster, with access to high-quality apps.
Siva community members are open developers, functional integrators, and community users and clients. As a member or contributor, the community allows you to work independently in a group of peers who see you, support you and learn from you.
As a developer, you can enhance the program's performance, add new or update existing features, and fix errors. 

As User:
1. Sign Up for Free on Siva
2. Connect Your Sales Channels
3. Enter Your Product Data
4. Set Up Your Warehouse & Sourcing workflows
5. Set Up Shipping and Taxes
6. Set Up Your Global Commerce workflow required for order and shipping processing
7. Process, Ship, and Track Orders

As Developer:
1. Sign up and join the Siva Community as an open-source developer
2. Start contributing to the existing code base or start building your own
3. You can also connect with Siva clients and start building client’s customization request

The ONDC Network Protocols simply allow buyer-side applications like eCommerce stores, travel sites, food delivery applications, and others to work agnostically with the seller-side participants like kiranas, B2B vendors, Logistic players, etc. to complete the transaction. The protocols maintain registries to allow participants onto the platform and also ensure the network policies are maintained by all parties. The ONDC Protocols are also built to tackle the 4 steps of the transaction, the discoverability of the products and services on the network, the transaction between parties, the fulfilment of the contract, and the post-sales arbitration.

I have an idea. What should I do?

Join our Community

You have an idea and we have a growing community of like minded people. Please join our community and you can contribute to new or existing  Business use cases, functional ideas, Security related inputs, Architecture related, scalability related discussions and many varied discussions.

Siva Community

Free forever

  • LGPL V3
  • Community Support
  • Self Hosted with no support
  • Create Own Apps
  • Connector Builder
  • Catalog Builder
  • Manual Data Migration
  • Manual Version Upgrade
  • Basic Support
  • Webinar Support

Siva Enterprise

Call for Price

  • Commercial License
  • Dedicated Support
  • Cloud Hosted with Support
  • Create Own Apps
  • Pre-integrated ERP/CRM/Marketplace connector
  • Pre-trained catalogue
  • Data Management & Migration Support
  • Automated Data Version Upgrade
  • Premium Support
  • Onboarding & Training Support

I wish to use Siva

Siva's AI-enabled platform provides businesses a complete open source Commerce Ecosystem comprising Supply Chain Management System, Warehouse Management System, FBA and Virtual Warehousing, Freight and Courier Shipping Management, Cataloging, Inventory Management, Price Prediction, Order Processing, Logistics Management, Multiple Sales Channel Management, E-Commerce Payment Reconciliation & Point of Sales solution. 

Welcome, start using Siva and be ONDC compliant. 

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I wish to contribute to Siva

We invite you to join our community of developers who are committed to building great software. Our community provides a supportive environment for developers of all experience levels, and we welcome your contributions.  As a member of our community, you will have access to our collective knowledge and experience, and you will be able to collaborate with other developers on projects. We believe that through collaboration we can achieve more than we can alone, and we hope that you will join us in building great software

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Siva Fermion Use Case

The PaaS layer is the base of the whole platform that runs all logic and processes. The Orchestration layer is made up of modules and apps that supports commerce activities. The system has integrated workflows to automate business processes across the board. 

The Layer comes pre-installed with the 70+ integrations from the Software layer like Marketplaces, Webstores, Shipping Companies and other solutions essential for businesses.​

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Siva Boson Use Case

The iPaaS or the Integration Platform allows different solutions to be integrated on to the platform through the Orchestration layer. 

User can connect most software with APIs on to the platform and connect them interoperably. Most commonly commerce use cases such as connecting Accounting, ERP Systems, POS and Retail software, Warehouse Management, Third Party Fulfillment, Payment Systems, Marketing Automation Tools, Marketing and Analytic tools, etc. are ready to use.​

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Siva Many Worlds Use Case

Siva Many World AI brings all the power you need. 

The Data Labs and AI layer hosts 35+ Data Science Algorithms that tackle the deepest problems in commerce, such as Cataloging, Onboarding, Demand and Supply Forecasting, Image Recognition,Content Generation, Price Prediction, Customer Engagement and much more. 

The Layer is built on top of an event driven architecture for scale and real time operations. Our chatbots built on top of popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc support both seller side and buyer side onboarding and servicing.

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