Siva Many Worlds Functional Use Case

Demand Forecasting

  • Predict the future demand for your products based on price and location
  • Keep inventory costs low by optimizing based on anticipated demand

Product Information Management

Manage all the attributes of your entire catalogue from one place and have it sync in all your channels in one click

Cataloguing AI

  • Predict product attribute information in line with marketplace catalog compliance requirements based on product image and title
  • Classify images uploaded into appropriate products and categories
  • Basis a combination of input data types i.e., text, image and speech determine information about products and their attributes

Omnichannel Chatbot CRM

  • Leverage Natural Language Understanding to transform unstructured conversation data to complete NLU models that support conversational AI
  • Craft intelligent responses to queries and conversations
  • Allows you to train NLU basis the user context, e.g., position and activity and provides a way to adapt applications according to the user needs

Feed Management

  • Map your catalog to your feed
  • Improve the quality of the feed and source of the data
  • Ensure that all the requirements of each sale and marketing channel are met and that the feed is regularly updated.