Fermion Functional Use Case

Warehouse Management

  • Siva WMS is an advanced warehouse management system combining core functionality with inbound and storage management, outbound management, wave management, inventory, and 3PL management on one highly configurable, scalable database. 
  • The modern user interface, combined with an open API framework, enables advanced features such as Web RF, 3D visual warehousing, and voice processing, allowing you to manage multiple channels (B2B/B2C) from a single warehouse.

Omnichannel Management

  • Integrate All Channels to provide a Seamless Experience to your Customers
  • A seamless view of inventory across online/offline stores, and enable use cases such as “Ship from Store”, “Hyperlocal fulfillment”, etc., through seamless integrations with Point of Sales/ERPs, etc.

Inventory Management

Get an accurate, real-time view of inventory across your stores, online channels & warehouses to make smarter fulfillment decisions.

Offer end-to-end Inventory visibility and management across locations like a warehouse, stores,  etc.

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