Fermion Architecture


The biggest chunk of the sellers who are not present online is because there is a huge barrier to entry for small merchants like a standard mom-and-pop store. Listing products online on any eCommerce website is very comprehensive and tedious. One must upload the product images, go through various onboarding forms, upload documents, and provide the correct title, keyword, etc. For a small seller (e.g., a costermonger) who might not even know that goods can be sold online, the biggest hurdle is the onboarding on the platform. 

Current platforms have many mandatory steps that need to be completed, which small sellers might not be able to complete independently and easily. Sometimes these sellers are also trapped into paying for these onboarding services by middlemen. Siva onboarding simplifies the entire process of onboarding for the seller and makes it easier even for a costermonger to start selling online. Siva accomplishes the entire onboarding using Data Science algorithms, cataloging, and price prediction. The entire onboarding journey is made via Whatsapp, thus making it platform independent. 

The seller can fill out the initial forms via Whatsapp and upload one or more than one product images for the catalogue, the product description, title, and other key details get extracted from that image and are auto-filled for the seller. The cataloguing module can convert one image into a description and generate the whole catalogue. Since we are using Whatsapp as a platform to onboard, we can make the process at scale.