About Siva


One-Stop Solution for Ecommerce Sell Anywhere, Anytime!

We empower brands to capture the full potential of global commerce with a  platform that centralizes all sales channels, technology providers, and ecosystem partners so they can scale faster, and organically.

What do you get when professionals with collective decades of tech and ecommerce experience and a passion for solving problems come together? You get Eunimart.

We are an award-winning startup developing solutions to support frictionless growth for businesses of any size, leveraging a sophisticated platform and Artificial Intelligence to provide businesses with a single solution to integrate and manage their entire commercial tech stack end to end. At our core, we are a solution-driven company.

Eunimart: The Most Advanced, Open Platform

Open Source: Plug and Play


Our platform is built in a modular and open-source model. This means you can pick and choose the applications you need in the platform and combine them with other solutions as easy as 1-2-3.


Our built-in suite of cloud services enables the development, execution, and governance of integration flows wherein you can integrate any existing or new application with ease.


20+ Marketplaces

10+ Shipping Partners

2+ Warehouse Management Systems

5+ Webstores

4+ ERP/CRM/Accounting

1,000,000+ Product Master Data